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I am a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford with the AIMS CDT. I have an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Heidelberg, where I wrote my thesis on superscalar out-of-order processors.
Recently, I have started working on low-cost conservation technologies. My supervisor is Prof Alex Rogers.

BSc Thesis - Exploiting Instruction Level Parallelism

Superscalar out-of-order execution has become the norm in modern processors. Yet there is little information in the literature about its implementation details. This thesis explores what new hardware structures superscalar out-of-order execution requires. It presents a design for a simple processor, implemented in SystemVerilog, that uses register renaming, reservation stations and a reorder buffer to dynamically schedule instructions.

You can access the whole thesis text here.

Oxford University Physics Society

The Oxford University Physics Society organises talks, extracurricular classes and socials for anyone interested physics and its many applications. I am now the society’s Media Officer after being the Publicity Officer for a year. You might know me as the occasional host of our Wednesday talks.
Stay up to date on our events with our facebook page or join our mailing list on our website to become a physics phriend! I also recently launched our online store for all your stash needs.

Oxford University Powerlifting Club

I am currently the Novice Captain for the Oxford University Powerlifting Club. If you are interested in getting started with lifting heavy weights, get in touch!
When gyms closed, most of us couldn’t train the way we wanted to. To make it through all those months, I started a weekly movie night for fellow lifters to hang out and watch silly strength sport related movies. Send me a message if you would like an invite to the WhatsApp group.

Lecture Notes

Most of my lecture notes are not worth sharing but here are some that might help others taking these courses now (or similar ones). I usually type out my lecture notes whenever the lecturer does not provide them or if the official notes are not useful. For me, lecture notes need to be searchable (so not handwritten), written in full sentences (so slides don’t count) and concise but comprehensive.
Sometimes I just like to type out lecture notes as a form of revision for the exam.

English notes

Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology
Held in the winter of 2017/2018 at the University of Manchester by Prof Gary Fuller and Prof Albert Zijlstra. This course is an introduction to stars, orbits, galaxies and cosmology.

Quantum Physics and Relativity
Held in the winter of 2017/2018 at the University of Manchester by Prof Brian Cox and Prof Jeffrey Forshaw. It is a very simple introduction to special relativity and quantum physics.

Applications of Quantum Physics
Held in the winter of 2017/2018 at the University of Manchester by Prof Sean Freeman. The course introduces some interesting new technologies in which quantum phenomena like tunnelling and superposition are exploited. This is mostly just a typed out copy of the handwritten lecture notes with some comments by me.

Zeeman Spectroscopy
This is a long evaluation for one of the many experiments that physics students at the University of Heidelberg have to do to get their BSc degree.

German notes

Experimentalphysik IV
Held in the summer of 2017 at the University of Heidelberg by Prof Johanna Stachel. Experimental physics IV is a course on nuclear and particle physics.


Date News
08/2021 On fieldwork in Cape Verde. Here to track endangered loggerhead sea turtles with FMB.
05/2021 I am now the Arts & Culture Officer of the Keble College MCR
05/2021 Voted in as the new Novice Captain of the Powerlifting Club!
02/2021 This term, I will be hosting our Wednesday talks for the Physics Society.
11/2020 Jonas Beuchert and I won 2nd place at the local ActInSpace innovation contest.
09/2020 The OU Physics Society is part of the inaugural Varsity Sci.
07/2020 Began my second mini-project with Alex Rogers on Snapshot GPS receivers.
04/2020 Began a 10-week project with the Satellite Applications Catapult.
03/2020 I am now the new Publicity Officer for the Oxford University Physics Society!
10/2019 Started my 4-year PhD at the University of Oxford with the AIMS CDT.
08/2019 Went to QuID 2019, a summer school on quantum information at the ETH Zurich.
07/2019 Started working at the CERN data centre as part of their Summer Student programme.
06/2019 Defended my BSc thesis on superscalar out-of-order processing.

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